Impact on Parents

I have had the great fortunate experiences during the past several weeks of the reminder of the powerful impact Core Attachment Therapy© has not only on the children who go through this process, but on the parents as well.

I saw a parent at a local store several weeks ago who had gone through the CAT process with her son many years ago. She came over to me because she wanted to let me know that they still sit side by side as the games had organized. She added they do this every night prior to bed and have their 1:1 talks. Their connection continues to grow and grow.

Another parent shared at another time that prior to the CAT process, she felt she had a strong connection with her son. After the process, when we talked about her sons connection, she added that for herself, the process was well worth it. Her connection, attunement and attachment feels much deeper and richer.

One grandparent shared that raising her granddaughter has been very trying and left her feeling inadequate. Going through the Core Attachment Therapy process has allowed her to feel more than adequate. She feels very confident in her role now as grandmother as she has come to realize that her love has been what has transformed her granddaughter when she learned how to channel this love in a deeper way.

Over the years, I have come to realize that has the children transform from having a secure attachment with their parent/grandparent, the parent/grandparent too, transforms. Going through the experience of healing their child’s attachment wound fosters an intimacy between the two that is inspiring and heartwarming.

Core Attachment Therapy©….it’s just not for children after all but for the parent/child dyad.