Turning Towards

The important task for the Phase 1 games in Core Attachment Therapy© is to help the child learn a new way of being with parents who are emotionally available. Children who have had attachment disruption have this message downloaded in their CNS that parents are not emotionally available. When they have this faulty wiring, so to speak, they except all adults to behave the same way. Creating this new muscle memory of turning towards, rather than away from parents is the building block in establishing secure attachment.

With one particular child, the Phase 1 games were difficult but the other phases in Core Attachment Therapy went like a breeze. This demonstrated that her attachment trauma happened in early infancy. As the weeks progressed and her new mommy demonstrated over and over her attunement to her, she took the plunge in a moment to trust. It occurred incidentally when she heard a police car go by the office. She had deer in the head lights look to her, inquired about the siren, then slowly curled up in her mother’s lap and nestled her head into her mother’s neck and shoulder. When it came to really needing to be comforted, she took the chance to trust and it has been smooth sailing for this mother/daughter since.