Your Love is Hope

It is with great pride and excitement to announce the release of my new book Your Love is Hope: Parent Companion Guide to Core Attachment Therapy©. It has several great features, one of which is pages available to journal the week’s progress to share with the child’s therapist.


New Book soon to be released

It is with great excitement to report that Your Love is Hope:Parent Companion of Core Attachment Therapy© has been sent to the publishers and should be available for purchase by the end of this week.

This book is written so that parents have a format to follow to incorporate the attachment games at home with room for journal entries to share with their child’s therapist each week. It can also serve as a “baby” book the adopted child did not have. The journal entries include what we call “greatness” stories from the first three years of being home along with greatness stories of each week.

An additional feature of this book is photographs of each of the mommy/daddy games followed by a description of how the games are played.