Attachment Work and Older Children

I have started Core Attachment Therapy© with a young adolescent and her mother. The attachment disruption for these two was several psychiatric hospitalizations of the mother during the girl’s first 4 years of life. The mother has been stable for many years and is in a healthy relationship now.This stability has allowed us to move forward with attachment work.

As one might expect, there was initial resistance on the girl’s behalf, not wanting to “time travel” (a phrase I use when describing Core Attachment Therapy© to older children) back to when she was little. Although she cooperated, her body language was loud that she just didn’t want to be here. As we continued, her body language got quieter and quieter and within minutes, she was all in with giggles and full participation. During the second session, no resistance at all. Just eager participation and hunger for hearing the great qualities she had shown that week.

This affirms to me that the brain is primed for healing. It just needs a way to get there. This experience also affirms to me that Core Attachment Therapy© strikes this cord towards healing the early psychic wound in a very gentle, respectful and caring way.