Not Just For Adopted Children

The initial intent for Core Attachment Therapy© was for adopted children to have a chance at a life of healthy attachment. The process is expanding to children who have had some type of disruption in their life during the attachment development (birth to 3 years of age).

I just completed Core Attachment Therapy© with an 11 year old girl and her bio mom. The disruption in this girls life occurred in late infancy when her mother returned to the use of drugs. The emotional impact on the child was anxiety (she also had health issues as an infant) and as she got older and became a big sister, she developed parentified behaviors.

At intake, I decided that Core Attachment Therapy© would be the way to address this girls anxious behaviors. The mother has since become clean and is providing a stable and loving home to her children. As the weeks progressed, the transformation startied very quickly. This girl’s anxiety lessened, her joy increased and the greatest moment was when she turned control of events over to her mother to just be a kid. The relationship between mother and daughter has been enriched. The mother now feels empowered because her daughter now comes to her for advice rather than holding on to her troubles. The mother also feels empowered because when she sees her daughter act in an anxious way, she now addresses it quickly by comforting her. The anxiety reduces and that contagious laugh of hers returns.