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It’s been an honor to have people from the east coast mid America to west coast seize the opportunity to discover the process to secure the attachment of adopted children with their adopted family. The honor continues by people “down under” being curious about this very effective, yet simple process that respects the child’s needs to form healthy bonds with their new family.

Core Attachment Therapy© is not only for adopted children. I am currently using it with a biological mother and daughter who had disruption in their relationship during the daughter’s attachment development. Each week brings their relationship to a richer and deeper level.

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Summer Sale Continues

Just wrapped up Core Attachment Therapy with a family who adopted their daughter from Russia when she was 3 and is now 11. The turn around in her attachment from insecure to secure manifests now by being on grade level for the first time, being trustworthy, being calmer and having a happy girl energy.

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Summer Savings

Core Attachment Therapy© continues to prove itself as a loving, kind and gentle treatment approach in helping families parenting children with attachment disruption. Core Attachment Therapy© guides children to the hearts of their parents and vice-versa. Play therapists discovering this process feel they have found the “missing link” is helping children with attachment disruption.

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