The Body holds the Trauma

Those of us in the trauma field know that the body holds on to the trauma it has endured. Children (as well as adults) stay emotionally stuck where the trauma occurred and it particularly manifests during times of stress.

I have completed a round of Core Attachment Therapy© with a bio mother and her 6 year old son. The trauma occurred during his potty training years. The mother had a two month hospitalization followed by another two month hospitalization with the father being gone as well to be with her.

Prior to starting Core Attachment Therapy©, the boy had two hospitalizations for behaviors associated Reactive Attachment Disorder, one of which was control of feces, smearing, soiling etc.

The attachment games went beautifully and it was so very apparent how the bond between mother and son had solidified. The best outcome…..the boy no longer has issues with his feces! His body let go of the trauma and now he is free to “go”.


2 thoughts on “The Body holds the Trauma

  1. Great alphabet set! I&7821#;ve always been amazed by people who could carve pencil erasers and actually have them come out legible. May Fritzi and Kolya have many wonderful adventures that are turned into many delightful books.And I’m especially glad to hear the little ones are improving day by day. Been thinking of you lots and hoping things are going better.


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