The Body holds the Trauma

Those of us in the trauma field know that the body holds on to the trauma it has endured. Children (as well as adults) stay emotionally stuck where the trauma occurred and it particularly manifests during times of stress.

I have completed a round of Core Attachment Therapy© with a bio mother and her 6 year old son. The trauma occurred during his potty training years. The mother had a two month hospitalization followed by another two month hospitalization with the father being gone as well to be with her.

Prior to starting Core Attachment Therapy©, the boy had two hospitalizations for behaviors associated Reactive Attachment Disorder, one of which was control of feces, smearing, soiling etc.

The attachment games went beautifully and it was so very apparent how the bond between mother and son had solidified. The best outcome…..the boy no longer has issues with his feces! His body let go of the trauma and now he is free to “go”.


Giving back

I have been doing Core Attachment Therapy© between a bio mom and son. He is six years of age and has had a psychiatric hospitalization where he was diagnosed with RAD. During the initial interview as to why a boy his age living with his birth family would have RAD, it was learned that during his attachment development (birth to 3 years), his mom was having significant mental health issues of her own, causing her to be away from him for periods of time. This met the criteria for Core Attachment Therapy© and we began it 7 weeks ago.

It was been progressing beautifully and it is apparent how this process is opening the hearts between mother and son. So much so, that in today’s session, his heart was filled enough to start giving back. After the mother sang him their special song, he told her he was singing back to her with his eyes (filled with love). After feeding him, he kissed his hand and placed it on his heart and told her he had just kissed her heart.

Later in the attachment games, he told her he feels like her little duckling. This is proof that this simple and very respectful process of helping a child heal their disruptive attachment is felt at the core for those who are experiencing it. For this 6 year old boy to experience the feeling of love and give it genuinely back speaks volumes considering where this family had started.

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Dorothy Derapelian